Please email me at [email protected] further inquiries.
[Commissions Closed ATM]

Old Pricesheet [subject to change, tax not included.]ignore this chart if you're commissioning for other things.

Visual Novel SpritesVisual Novel CGSChara.SheetsChibi Art
Bust Shot | 60 - 80Sketch Only | 50 - 100Sketch Only | 120 - 180Chibi Heads | 15 - 25
Waist Shot | 95 - 120Lineart Only | 80 - 120Lineart only | 150 - 200Chibi Fullbody | 50
Fullbody | 120 - 180Full Render | 120 - 200Full Render | 200 - 500[Chibis are colored]

Terms of service

Please read and accept the following before commissioning me :
Prices are doubled for commercial use.

General :

  • You acknowledge that the price of your commission'll be based on the complexity of your request.

  • I will only draw digitally in the anime artstyle. Any requests that are outside my skills will be declined.

  • I reserve the rights to reject any requests that make me uncomfortable.

  • Commission works are strictly for personal use unless stated beforehand for commercial uses. I claim all rights to any commission works that have not been requested to be for commercial use.

  • No one is allowed to use the works for tracing and/or NFT usage. Only slight editing is allowed, with my acknowledgement & permission.

  • You acknowledge that I have the rights to stream my progress live on Twitch unless discussed beforehand not to. Commercial-use commissions will not be streamed.

  • Please know that last minute cancellations once any form of progress has been provided will not be refunded. My time is very precious to me.

Requirements :

  • You must be 18 & above to commission me.

  • Payment is only in USD and can only be paid through Paypal. Please submit your Paypal email once I accept your commission email.

  • A brief but comprehensible description of your request. E.g : Suggestions on poses, facial expressions and if they are holding anything specific, etc.

  • OCs must come with proper references for drawing accuracy. I have the rights to reject your request if you do not have proper references.

  • OCs must also have a brief description on their personalities. It'll help me get a better idea on how to pose them.

  • Should the client have many different OC art references given that all follow a different artstyle, must let me know which art to refer to mainly. I do not have enough time to guess which proportions is correct.


  • My commissions are usually 'First come First serve' however I may still reject your request if I am not capable or if I am uninterested.

  • Please know that only up to 3 revisions are allowed. Any more would be an additional 15USD charge for each revision so please let me know what the issues are in great detail.

  • 50% of the payment must be transferred first in order for me to proceed with initial draft sketch and then lineart.

  • Once an Okay has been given to the lineart, the remaining 50% must be then transferred for the proceeding of color and final touches.

  • An email with your finished artwork shall be sent immediately after completion. Please let me know if there are any errors with the files.


I'm currently too busy with NDA projects and assignments to provide personal work references of this artstyle.
I will update this section when I have enough in the future, thank you for understanding.

By clicking on this icon, you acknowledge that you agree to view my R18 accounts that includes themes of NSFW BL.Please return back to main if you are uncomfortable with such contents. Minors begone.

Hiya, my name's Jyosubii or Jyo for short.
Freelancing Anime Artist from Malaysia.


  • Currently into GBF, TWST, Splatoon3 and GuiltyGear!

  • I am super into horror games and movies too. Silent Hill is a banger.

  • Feel free to talk to me about OCs, I love OC talk! I'm pretty much open to listening to anything.

  • I like drawing muscles, still trying to get better at drawing women..Chibi art is fun too!

  • More people need to enjoy the linearting process, I love lineart..

  • I love small animals, I think cats are dope too if I weren't allergic..


  • Paint Tool Sai V2 + slight CSP on the side.

  • Small Drawing Tablet

  • And all my blood, sweat & tears but mostly tears.


  • GBF : 35311737

  • GGST : Jyosubii

  • Arknights : Jyo#5426

  • TWST : Jyosubii

  • Nu:C : 565361188 | 5UZAJ4